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Saturday, March 12, 2011

miss you boys

scorching brainwave patterns...the lastest fashion on the midwest coast
I saw a sun rise... I smoked DMT and drank mimosas
we rolled up blunts all night...snorting whatever we could get ahold of
drinking water we closed the front door,exposing ourselfs to the candacent lightbulb
flickering in the smog of a misma of hash fog with the sounds of nastrodomus on the back wall.
we had highlighter eyeballs with empty ruins of whiskey and pill bottles
preception was done and we were on the stripper poles,exposing ourselves because we thought we had came threw another stargate portal
one with plastic explosives and waterballoon hand gernades that refilled our chalice till we pulled on the next vile like it wasnt a habit
you cant stand back from a flashback
you cant pile drive your hands into your subconcience and say here it is
take that
it has to be shown to you in a glimpse of extreme awareness
dont let the person next to you tell it how it is
but never forget where your path is
even if you love em


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