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Sunday, February 6, 2011


3 months on the workforce
6 more weeks in jail
18 months on the road
one shamans words are the only ones that resonate in this rockie heart of ours
but it always got warmer in columbus
when our heads were balloons filled with more than oxygen
she shares it
my hope
my dreams
a vision
and if its how the world began
then its how the world will end.
with or without the rest of the kids
Im not scared
shes there
were here,with them,and us
its so vague but it resonates like the space heaters we warmed up with.
This is to those days where you were the only one in the room
my muse
those hurt glances from my constant self destruction
that laughter from the enya
maybe the kenny g
the empty space filled with the flick of a bic lighter
her eyes as wide as mine
only illuminated by the black light
worm uses the highlighter to write
you shake your feet,all I can do is smile
the whole time Im wild with desires
nothing nasty,
I want to hear your mind
I already know it though,some past life
our souls are so old
my mind is so high
fuck drugs.
fuck drunk.
fuck doses,though were on some.
it dosent even matter anymore,if the world were to crumble then id be ok
i met who ive needed to meet
and id be fourty miles from denver,and 16 hours from home
who would have known
life is better when the road becomes the most beautiful time youve ever been shwon

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