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Sunday, February 6, 2011

State of the Union: A Call to Farms

So alot of negative energys been floating around as of late.I dont mean between us kids,just this world. Great Depression 2.0,globalization and brotherly love at,maybe not an all time low,but a ceartin mistrust. I'am young...learning...becoming a man in the hardest way I need,because college wasnt for me. Jobs werent for me. Jail deffinatly was a mistake and the mountains made me hate who I was for a few days. We have such this short beautiful life,one time to do the things we feel are right. One night can change lives,and if thats the truth,then one idea can manifest a new destiny. A new change,a new way to think. Im not calling for a revolution full of smoke and charred bodies,thats so old school. Im talking about intergration into a system that is working so magneficently one kink isnt really going to effect things,but a wrench into the machinery is a diffrent story. I want to incorporate the beautifulness of every individual with no central power system,only open fourum that will have to go all night if it must. Im tired of being unhappy,and seeing all you people I love unhappy and working for some preverbial "man",im asking for ideas to share with mine so we can conglomeratley shape a future for ourselves absent of fear and built on love.A pipe dream it is of course,the basis of logic says nothing more than a group of individuals need time to coexsist. LOOK AT WHAT WE'VE BUILT TO THIS POINT: documentries,journals,blogs. to my brethren back home an army and coalition of the future leaders and movers and shakers of dallas fort worth,austin...the family of columbus and athens...charleston...denver...ashivlle...LA...san fran...and I know were all strangers at this point to the rest...but hell threw this got damn technology the world is smaller then we precive it to be. Ideas are only ideas until the time to act has know that is that time is an act of complete lunacy and a point of self confidence,knowledge of ones self, and the love that I feel in the heart of each and every single one of you..which is why I ask if you dont know me from adam or have known me for centuries...the time is here.

I envision a family,a society moving all working completly free of a central leader with umbrellas of their own corporations and ventures,coexsisting and pusing for peace almost as an entity.Parlimentry,democratic and buissness rooted in moral ethics. Grass roots to the moon. If your with me,seperatly message your ideas concerns and dreams,if your sceptical,I love you and understand

remember they love you but jesus loves you best,so I bid you good night.

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  1. Works great...with the right grassroots education. All peoplz must know One and another - before peace can come to pass. The internet appears to be a reversal of the curse of Babel. Suggest we behave well - and thanks for your words and goodwill - goodnight -