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Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Plee...and some new music

Racisim thrives silently at the top of the ascended ladder of our political system. Globalization at its basis is uthinasia..the ghettos skeletons are being picked dry by the government vultures that circle our camps waiting to introduce the next big SCARE..and my brothers and sisters are HUMAN! Their culture may have origonated over seas or down south,but by god their just like you or me. I see the fear in the eyes of children...sweet deprogramed puppets...listen to your gangstar rap,bust your caps and fuck your bitches...sit down and mull over how empty you are...hit the clubs,choke down as much liquor as you can...its sad when our heros have gone from carl lewis to the situation...he seems like he may be a genuine guy...but MTV got to him first and he never staired aldof hitler in the eye...I wish I could say it was as simple as color too...but no its the peaseants to the monarchy...the dark ages are coming again and the only way to pull it out is a renissance...being a student of history i feel comfortable saying this..and being a student of logic I feel as though we've lost a collective brain of art and culture to a WAY things are suppose to be betrayed..the next picasso...the next tupac or biggy...but what about the next obscure charecter that comes out of no where..I'm not saying some one from this generation will be that one,or maybe even the next...but were long over due for a speaker who can reach deep into the heart of the world... introduce the concept of faith without organized dictated religon,or fear mongrul media using gurillea propoganda...oh these arent new concepts love...these are the same things humans have always been fighting for...these are the same controling forces with diffrent names,funded by another various source who is using a simlar technique thats done before,therefore the only way to combat is with a new set of war drums that have never been beaten...lets collectively sit down and use this media before it becomes the way of the sea...poluted and controled by the powers that be

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