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Monday, February 14, 2011

no water...only pumpin mountain dew

slugs of electrolytes is bout the only thing keepin me alive as of late
cocaine sundays is forced upon the brainstem...
ah youthful bliss...the exact equivilant to retarted arrogance
go to wal greens...get some syrenges
in order to assist in your death...I must spot shoot into my chest..
it glistenes in the rest...
now run until your hearts pumping motor oil
or swallow the next round of my doctor perscriptions with a bottle of london
...card game after card game...
a gentlemans way to end the flurry of bullet bed ridden sins
settle down girls...ill cum again..the vital organs are just as tired as I was..
but celbacy seems like the way to keep these ladies as entertained as I be
ratata tatatatt
dead is what this heart be
alive from the constant lady bug stings from all over the country
swiss cheese from all the love thats games ive been risking since my first clit
falling asleep while praying to the LORD I see the MORNING
mourning times come again,but another bottle of adavant wont kill me
another line of oxy codene will only poc mark my skin
in the midst of drug abuse the days turn into a long march to the end
the only way to forget about all this is get back to the elongated sentence i say to myself
"jesus loves me...and all that other shit."

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