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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I woke up today more scared then ive ever been. Those sudden realizations that you cant have can god damn try...but it may not be how the way youd envisoned it. I feel so genuine,so vunerable. I just want to lay in her arms,as she rocks me to an old time string band. I been drinkin so much moonshine seems the way to do it out here in these ol appalations I hope I can make it to ashville so if i die there at least my mama will know i was free as the rain..shes so beautiful...shes got these eyes that are like head lights in a snow storm on a beast coast free ride..hugging the turns of raleigh down threw the land of the pine..we couldda made camp at that rest stop and itd been better than all the wonderful past few nights...I wake up cold every morning it seems,but her thoughts aint to far behind. My smile gets as wide as the sun,and even threw the cloud it breaks threw as I lay next to the star fishs on this coast we made down in 17 may be 55 outside...but I been in the rockies since two summers im hopin in ohio i can see this angel tonight... I hear the trains yelling and brakein,i think about thumbin my way to up state new york...leavin it all behind and becoming the CEO of whichever corporation I feel,have a beautiful mansion...stepford wife.. with the perfect aryan children who nod and smile...but Id rather get naked and eat pomegrantes in an indian headress compltely covered in paint... as she dances...whispers...or even just lays next to me...I just been running from the coldness of my old heart and shes about the only blanket that hasent had a hole aint love...its that smile you can never wipe off your face..the one you press your cheeks up so much you tear up..only tastin the salt as you pretend to be asleep on the couch...smiling threw the sunbeams in the seems of the tapestrys..your about the sweetest thing I could ever are my very definition of hope...and as her light glows and shines for the world...i become entranced by the thought of these "rooms." these "homes" that are spoke of...hmm...its just a thought

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