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Monday, February 7, 2011


I have family across the country
VA holds one of them
theres james young in richmond who does photos
rachel brady,my sunday morning denver date lady...when i needed to escape to the platte to recooperate
I could watch her dance the night away
and ben,her man
my man too,his red version link cables to my blue
pokemon trades did ensue
but then theres charlotesville
high in the shanadoah valley is how I see my life
there all in my generation,with recognizable faces,nomadic people with a home base
car pools and righteous aptitude
sweet souls,with hearts of golden wood
we climb mountains and huddle in mini vans to stay warm
we run down pride rock singing old gangstarr songs
we reenact katt williams skits at the top of the mountain
the appalations are so warm it shivers our bones
we joke we should have brought a tv to the peak...we needed something to watch
J Os crying,
we leave him alone
I feel him though,I want to give up on hope because of old loves
but chelsea wont let me
her and charlies love resonates deep
she feeds me french fries and sings "I just cant wait to be king" with me
kelsey wont let me give up either,she hugs me and we try to figure out why we hurt so bad
we draw pictures on her floor while john sings and slides the guitar with alighter in his hand
genieve walks in
we were suppose to meet up in new orleans
its better in virgina.
Im here shadow the next day,a real life college student
eating in the mess hall
spocking her brain,enjoying our day
sleeping in the front room together only to stay warm
its cold outside
sneaking into psychology on the campus of lacoste and north face
we meditate,play the djembe and let genevieve and john sing and play piano all night
every woman in charlottesville shines a light of their own
i even found myself cleaning their entire home
singing stevie nicks in my socks
designing tattoos for josef as he explains how to navigate the streets
wiley was totally right,you feel your way around va
harrison and i smoke camels and talke buisness until the morning came
he shares a similar vision
james echling reads his poetry to me about law and order
hes older,crazy
but hey
we come off our trips with chicken salad bagels and grilled cheese
i could see myself growing up here

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