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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


YO.So lemme bring you into where Im at.13 days into the new year most people have broken resolutions,or simply got back into the routine that was last year. For myself,last year was an extremly bittersweet time for me...aka it sucked,but some good shit happened,though it was only for a little bit of some of the work I do,I set out a mission. 13 days into the new year I find myself in Charlotesville VA,sitting in front of a fire drinking a corona about to retire for the first time out of a car 12 states after Denver. Anyway the concept is "Dogyear." A dogs life,from what ive heard,consits of years much as ours,but the loveable K9 ages faster,7 years to each of our one. Well I decided to write a diary about living in a car,or hodie,or motie,couch,ladies bed,parents house,friends house,squating,wherever for the next year,in what ever state or country I choose. Though this is a great oppurtunity,it means i cant update this as much as Id like. I,Willy Bonnie, here by swear to try to update weekly from the road with new poems,and love notes.

welp see ya later


  1. Well, looking forward to the cheeseburger road. Take care and remember: when driving, either less than three or more than ten beers. Anywhere in between, you are going to have an accident.
    Luck and good food to you -

  2. I may pass you on the road or see you in the smokies:H.McCarty