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Sunday, January 23, 2011


space fucked with lion mouth into next galaxy we travel outloud,best not to mention hope on a night like this,a sound so clouded could cause anurisims
or seizures
we drank the bass nectar and danced threw the reverbarations of the proud florida moonshine.
mouths wide full of words not meant to be said to this time of the evenings!? do we strike you as gentleman who enjoy cannibus!?
I cried as i laid in her lap,if only because of her pharamones
or how soft her leg hair was
I groaned around the campfire as the cars on the other side of camp burned
I would ask her to marry me if I wasnt in jedi/beast mode
Insted I watched her hoola hoopp move,the cruves of her body become one with the wind
and dirt..
fuck that,I opened every hole and consumed more drugs than the local cvs could support,i was so dirty and stinking I was ready to beat brains into oblivious mush,let me work for a second,sell my soul,every thing will be fine if im not arrested or od'd in these the otts! shit weve made it this far
smoke pours from my lungs until the next bacongreencheeser calms my soul
and the jug of water saves my body from unceartinty,its a travesy how calamities are common place an uppercut of music sounds and free more sluts...their all at the camp with the cute dogs and grand narcotics,soul searching and laid back like a pillow on a sofa.
only rolled cigarettes and a woman to share the benzos with the next morning.
assasination of charecter is overblown

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