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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I have long hair,
a long beard and I rarely shower or make an attempt to be a sexual prowler.
Generally every half hour im smoking a cigarette in this house
every fourty five,some sort of cannabius. grape ape in 15 minutes.
I move to much,thats the complaint from my family,
and my boys from high school just think ive gone off the deep end completly.
Everyone in denver hates me because of all the money I owe,
VA is for lovers,but fuck it,Im no sweet soul
pittsburgh is for me...but so is the road.
so onto ohio where the darkstar shows will either cement my legacy or tear down my soul
hope is as worthless as hole in your solar plex
leaking out every internal organ until your eternity is spent spun
at the same party
with the same kids
taking the same drugs our parents did.
lets kick it to a new scene
no screen play
just free sex, and measuring pots full of eveything i need for these heads
hopefully my kids wont even need weed.
but as for me...
give me a smith and wessin
and barrel of whiskey
armed with sharpies and prisma color fine tipped point colored pens
i wonder how fast lightspeed is...
come waste some time and find yourself with me
its so easy learning everything the hard way.


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  2. Well! Anyway - thanks for the poem,.