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Sunday, January 23, 2011


giant robotic avalance trance as we pounced on the punched out skeletons in clothes
broken bones,broken bones.lovelove and all that other thunder cums
broken cities like a haunted village,im spittin funky rhythm to the pretty citizens
always using the right venaculur and defenitions
disrespecting every perscription drug as if it wont kill me
so every doctor should mention their out of ammunition,they need new pens or somthing
us sweet stick up kids stashin silver or a ten spot
juggin and spangin'for every single double cheeseburger i have in this stolen back pack full of legal documents and buisness plans, trazadone and vicodin.nicotene and cold weather clothes,a few stolen cans of corn and chili
i think it went something like this:I dont get hugs,I give them...the end.
I know you dont give a shit so I began again..becoming a kid discusied as a man
rarely having to reread the luxury session,or get a tan
no more gorilla juice heads dear lord! please no more cocaine!
my nose is crusted over from last sunday...lasy complaints,as I sit in a lawn chair under the smogs rain,tv said hurricanes coming
I said it aint the worst fucking thing
four more pitcher of beer,
kick off your boots weary traveler,were home again.
we dine with thomas edison.

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  1. Enjoying your romp thus far. Make sure to eat your greens and get some vitamin C.