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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

updatez HAWZ

we three prosecuted the prominent figures of this small hamlet
only orders and ordeals persisted to be permanent in the productions we were aussured
were productive in every sense,but as sensless kids we pretended we were vatos
hiding knots in our XXXL roca wear starched out grey panchos
pirating every ounce of money wed need for the festival seasons,while simotaneiously depleting each and all resources,that werent really meant for us,but regardless we trudged like worn out samauris without kingdoms,or swords to respectfully demise
in the streams where the cherry blossoms stain the soil as much as the depletion
of every resource that we had comeneared up until the last few breaths of the breeze blew across our sweat and scar riddled corpses
the living dead,not nessicarily zombies,but rhyme spraying,lost and dope riddled delenquet teens whos drivers license claim their old enough to drink,approach every learch on the street.we need more newports...more O.E...possibly a doctor,or some sort of psychiatric treatments.
labodamies were never out of the question,we just didnt generally think about the removal of the frontol lobe,I mean we 3 would never speak.communication was a series of grunts and pointing.
hand signals and nodding.
studies have shown that increased psychadellic use can turn into telapathy,so if thats the case...I imagine were free..
to wander and speak with any and all human beings that we meet,
free to drink from the rivers that the factories dump into to deplete,
able to climb mountain peaks while strung out by all the ammendments,
even free speech isnt worth it to these three,they ramble on until their tires blow
and axels grind down the undercarriage to the floorboard of the car
so we burn all the evedince and dissapear into a forest,burning thousands of dollars to stay warm in the beast coast air

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  1. God, I was going to write something pingingly appropriate, but the cat smells and the hawkwind drive is on, lemmy is playing bass - thanks for this! liked it. Telepathy - yeeh - ever see out of someone else's eyes for fun? happened to me once, and it was fungus that dun it, that and my best friend. That really was a good poem, I think - and if I can't tell, it doesn't matter to me.