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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Well kids

So things are looking up for this homeless vagabond. I have finally assembled a super team of artists and the Eduardo,Jesse and I are starting a magazine for people like us...deginerate loop pushers with a knack for word play. Though we do have help for the shirt company (i.e.: Illustrators,buissnesspeople,printers and A (yes one) investor..we still need help. This shirt company is going to make incredible clothes,for cheap prices too. The ideas on my side include whole shirt lines coupled with comic books,both written and Illustrated by mwah. As always the music my friends and I make will be included,and a copy of my manifesto will be included...but why? Art is money,right? is the third eye of the psyche. My colleagues and I want to enlighten you and plead for you to be apart of US. We need constant ideas for what YOU want on shirts. Kellen Guse and Amber Devilbiss(who joined the team this morning) will absolutley blow your mind with their unique styles and gifts,where as I will draw by commisson,and by whatever the fuck I want. All Ideas are welcome and encouraged. The revolution will commense (since it seems materialisim is the only thing that makes sense) it will be done threw clothes.
Now the magazine! Oh the magazine! "Sick of Em'" ode to all the publishers and magazines who hold themselves in such high regard they choose our worst prose and poems. To those goverment officals who play with our lives. Our mission is to approach reality,with out all the seasonings of the "media". Conspiracy thories (or truths if you will ) will be proposed,and unbaised veiws of sports and the hypcoricies of "truth" will be uncovered or shed light on.
Oh if i could explain my excitment of the coming days and months I would,just be prepared.

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