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Friday, October 22, 2010


I woke up a few minutes ago with brandy still coursing its way threw this shell. A couple of pain pills,you know,not to many real feelings anymore. I feel like its '64,few years removed from the war.Kearouac hasent died yet,but cassidy has..the movements close to folk lore. I have this reoccuring dream,these beautiful sisters lead me across Italy,er,Rome to be on point. Im naked alot of the time,but that dosent bother me (nor does it in real life,or I would assume post labodomy). I raise glasses to irrationality,to a heirarchy, a question,I says.The sun isnt out and this town is haunted so we might as well set capital hill a flame...All the politicians and homeless would rest together in their unnamed graves. I'd smoke cigartrettes and place my trust in the river,watching the water playfully tumble over itself. The sun comes out for a breif second,and across the pond is a reflection of this beautiful blonde girl. Not like the sisters,more elegant and brief in the way she enter and exits my psyche. I write to her... every once in a while on my tounge, it always melts away before I can say a word.shes got a half cocked grim as she rubs her hands up and down her long legs and further up her arms until her left hand rest on her shoulder and she smiles from behind her smirks. I often want to ask her to run off wih me..."lets go to greece!"...again smiles and understanding. This time she reaches into her purse,and removes a painting she finished this morning,shes says its for me. she runs her fingers threw her short hair,breifly smiles,and glares down at the piece. I take it from her hand and run my thumb over the creased wood,feeling all the bumps and imperfections. This is the moment I feel as though a kiss is deserved,yet I stare outwards and murmur a thank you of sorts. The feeling in this time line is unimaginable and sweet ,I swear I would give up anything to relate;but another brandy awaits. The days turn into letters I crumble and throw away...I feel so foolish,though,she haunts my thoughts...I lay on my back and look at the stars.

come home I whisper,be in my arms.

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