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Thursday, October 14, 2010


the ancient ship was docked by the admirals vessel,and old drunk observed from the street. The rats scampered joyusly amongst the garbage of the sea fairing people,while the lights on the harbor swayed with the wind in the evening. Two young crew workers toss the ancor into the bay,the ghostly figures haunt down the stairs to their captain who awaits. A large bulbus fellow with a beard full of lizards. Their ship smells of vomit,and the men like the aforementioned and shit. It had been noted by another captain,that they were worst class swamp rats,with nothing but balls in their heads.Six shooters and jagged blades were the weapons they brandished and during their raids they'd rape the mayor in the square,then remove his heart for the crowd in windows and doors. Still beating they'd often shout "We eat bones."They raided homes. The city was then always laid to ruins. Their barge carried a misma,the first officer carried his wifes face(quote:she never looked at me the same way again) the crew carried a grudge,naturally children would stow away. Girls were sent to clean barricks,and boys to scrub the deck.If a child acted up,loss of a finger,if it happend again a head. Colonies were destroyed and the night raids wore on for decades,as the gentle sea held tales. Children got older and replaced their elders,as any healthy society should. On the euinox,a new captain took hold. A bold young cunt with shining blonde hair. He spoke few words,and dressed like a modern regal. The thouroughfares were a buzz over the sacrafice of ship to such a man.His teeth sparkled from the reflection of the ocean,the pig war is over.

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