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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Band Of The Week

San Diego on my mind jesus christ. The Sess, are good ol' rock and surf with a psychadelic twist. I'm not going to talk you up on this because I have more pressing matters to attend to:

This is your first recepiet from the master chef,myself.
Olive oil & cinammon in boiling water,with a pinch of sugar
next macaroni and long angel hair pasta
then chili with 2 peices colby jack,three havari,1 swiss,1 pepper jack,and american
now diced up (FRESH) jalapenos,peppers,white onion simmered in an olive oil frying pan with salt,pepper and garlic salt.
add ranch,hot sauce (preferbaly Valentene) BBQ,jalepeno juice and half of a limes juice in the chili.
stir it up to a thick consitencey
drain the pasta
and cut up some cheese,milk and butter and melt it.
now put the pasta/mac,chili,lettuce and avacado all into the bowl you cooked the pasta/mac in.
mix it up until its a brown and green,cheesy mess
and serve either on plate or in a warmed tortilla.
This is the admirals plate.

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