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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Band of The Week

I don't know if its been a week...honestly. Whatever.

My mafuckin' man,Justin Pearson,is at it again. In 1995 a microscopic record label by the name of Three One G hit the scene. They've had a host of underground west coast bands (namely The Blood Brothers,Das Oath,Holy Molar,Head Wound City,Some Girls,Cattle Decapitation and,most noteabley The Locust.) This dude owns and operates this whole little shin dig and to date has been involved (or is currently involved with) ten bands. Now these aren't little indie bands singing about girls and shit,this is noisy and uneconomical music. Think about a spaceship crashing into a metropolitain area,and this can hint to the alarming nature of this music. As a brash fifteen year old,hungover from the straight edge life,these bands set me on the destructive course that my life is now on (not really,but seriously). The Band this week is Leg Lifters. An intresting turn from the normalcy of the chaos that is 31G music. Strange as this may sound,Leg Lifters,is a slower Locust. Now If you dont know The Locust,the only way to describe them is as a swarm of Locust with syntheziers and fast paced acid punk. 40 seconds of terror,and delight.Now Leg Lifters is not a convential band. Its Nathan Joyner & Pearson,just acting like disco robot maniacs. Their best track,that I've found is "Halloween Swim Team (remix)...if i could describe it I would...

SO here is the link to Leg Lifters:

and of course Three One G:

please,if you have heart problems or strange music makes you cringe,give it a up...loser.

I'm sorry.

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