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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Band Wagon Fans

To all band wagon fans:Because REAL fans stick with their teams threw the thick and thin. True fans have suffered threw every season Michael Young has to come to this point. Real fans know how a team was assembled and how many managers,players,GM’s (and owners) it has taken to finally compete. I died with Kayson Gabbered,Vicente Padilla,Jay Powell, Chan Ho Park, Gabe the babe,Ivon,Alex,buck and oats.Now I finally feel vindicated for latching on to this slowly sinking ship for the past decade. I was born in the shadows of the old ball park, and grew up in the temple. Ive been to more Rangers games the family events. I was a baby ,in the stadium,when Nolan Ryan threw a perfect game threw eight innings,before a home run was hit directly to my section,I would keep the neighborhood awake (and had the police called on my parent several times) if I could not watch or finish a game. You seen band wagon fans have no heart,they don’t have memories…they cheer for the team because its chic. Being a fan is not easy,it takes balls.

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