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Saturday, October 23, 2010

be careful talkin hella trash

Rhythm breaks teeth

And yet theres a silent success

“two men enter,one man…”

leave it..

Double fisting a dirty martini and scoth I approach a fellow

Eyes low,I connect our elbows

A soft punch.

He starts to mellow out as he realizes im not who he thought I was

(sounds of loose breath)

scene change.

stressful nights on the beach,we clasp hands as the tide takes are comrads away

their bodies decay out in the medeteranian

strange as I relate this night to the first time

her breathe being mine,

menthol and all those other men.

The drums kick in,and the bass pops

The block is shattered as the night becomes morning

A chorus of crows is all that’s playing

My hands empty,im guessing

in the midst of the murders my monologue dominated the court room screenplay

I smoke a cigarette and turn away from the judge,she’s curious,I can tell by the look on the defense

A chainsaw slides out of the wall

We medicate and restart the day again

Its always going

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