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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

my narcissism

lazy analogies keep me feindin for more battery
scatter fathoms keep me collaberating with I got feathers pokin out of this skull cap redundently
facts trash with the matter fact shit Ive been/ back water/black magic/dabblin in
just a ramblin scattered brain transient...
a marvel of modern medicene.
intrepent winds keep singen fiction on these old robotic limbs
hints to my farsided nature and realtive obscure flashback/ hallucenations I keep finding myself in
in a sentence.
fission keeps my quantum physics limitless in the way I can sense meniscule visions
wisdom for a wizard not of this dimension....even my kinfolk would confirm this I mention
but it is not my single defintion.
detention was always my best subject in school...too bad I shaped those tactics beautifully into this
" real world"...rules...
loose dementia with an ecentric personality combined with multiple aliases...I find...
keeps me occupied and out of sight
out of thought and with kind intentions on this path ive sought...aling
to be with one I love...
a doctor to the underworld...or so on and all go fourth,child..
scream and yell...
shape those tattered souls for the gates of

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