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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


motah burns on balchoneys overlooking skyscrapers
this head can attest to those trees...these scenes...scenarios...dreams...
while I learn lifes lessons threw this shredding adolescense I was blessed with
presence in my present contradictions keeps me confessing to shit I was not peppered for
so why would I devulge these truths in this present form
a lack of scorn? please
bet you have some I got some weed...
dont ALWAYS need to hear all that...been there in some instances...matter afact my shares are a tad less heroic then your seem to be
out on these mean place for a baby face like me...I was innocent...but please...
shares those forewarnings that are fair warnings in this day and age of random chance and sheep slaughtering
metaphorically speaking ( jesus) even got to put those in here too
its like a mind and this word play...its like god before his big bang
fuck it
blow a zone.
devulge new truths in why you are a cacoon..become the butterfly.

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