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Friday, March 9, 2012


I wish to brush my lips with hers
my manifestations have never been far from an otherwise glimpse of love...
but alas...
is it the cosmic spirit peppered by analogies I pursue
is she the seperate but equal part of my soul?
a truth...
so the dust,
I sense more suddle...troubling matters..
I'm feeling hungrier then ever before..
in more ways then one.
more devanaire as my air of confidence that makes young women unable to ignore..
my words...they are my world...
her thoughts,
they are here on...and forever so forth...
in the warmest sport of my frontol lobe...
so the questions come roaring through the thunder and rain
of a central austin texas dojo
in early march
as I question the universe:
"where do I go"
all signs point home...
I just havent found out where that is though.

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