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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


its nights like this i feel so listless
my mistress is the desert and I vehemiotly ditest this
my eclectic,wild,spiraling desires keep me occupied on bus rides up and down interstates and capital cities to pass time
in and out of shit jobs to blend reality into my paranoid agorophobic tendencies...or ecentric behavior to those in the circles I run in between..
beer spit.
team bar trash rides again!
that monumental spirit...great winds...somewhat pitiful
but I only have one life to I GIVE & GIVE
but its taken as I have lives to pay for..
strange...I see the mathematics to this haze...a perpetual daze
catered lunches and buisness come upins...two shits given about the soul or the flesh embodying it...
dirty pigs...running around in man made bins...fed their kin to make them cuss,spit and sin
and in the end...the only one losing is the one with the clear head
no...addictions come in all shapes and sizes...and sometimes with confidants in hand
bend time like I have and youll understand.
the world is usually coming to an end.

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