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Friday, March 13, 2015



purchase all you can!

make sure you stay fit & thin

keep up pace to get ahead

it'll start trickiling down again...

remember the 90's? That was cool wasn't it?

60s,70s,80s too...Civil rights movement? Martin luther...Dr.Who?

Oh like the show on Netflix?

Pawns are supposed to protect kings,rook.

Basic rules of chess // basic code of the jungle too...

I mean I could tell you the winner of the world series in '94...but that wouldnt be of any use

and I can tell you how to cook crack too...make napalm on a sunday afternoon

the American dream...why even boast when the truth sounds like make believe

I just watched my homie trade 11 OxyContin for a 30 glock extended magazine...

he gave me 3 just to drive...just a sign of the times...

Using beam scopes to eye out the lines

You never know how to accuratley price these much people would pay for their life

In my eyes,I’ve seen the sights

Did six feet of dirt before I had a dime

Now half the time It seems like I just want to stay home most nights

quiet...collages in a slimmer of light

quitting jobs just to go to poetry readings...this is how I get mine

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  1. I gotta get a driving gig like that. Does one need a licence?