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Monday, March 16, 2015


The repetition is therapy

Even as these walls glare at me

I find my fairly ginger attitude

Rise into the heights of my prosperity

One day I’ll wake up with a beautiful woman staring at me

Until then I’ll let this muse be therapy.

I think I’m scared of me.

Because I know what I can achieve …

Most people die without an accomplice

But after becoming unconcieous

I think I could ride for ever on the poppy ladended highway

which leads to my spiritual beach…like the dragons in reach.

Let the ocean crash into me

Grey skies // blue skies

I’m just thankful for breathing

Hopeful to keep believing…every turn is a heart bleeding…mothers grieving…reaching for somthing deeper then meaning…

I just need you to feel me

My appetite alone feeds me

& to be alone…is freeing…I think that’s what I meant when I told you I loved you

Right after I said I’m leaving

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