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Monday, March 30, 2015

bid bid bid

Bid bid bid

Try to make it like the upper class lives

Scrape,claw and dig

Make sure your always busy

Work for pinches

Watch for your pitches

Offer to step up / step on it

If you can’t…dollar per Milligram

Listen to all the mixes

Everything is a series of wishes

Fuck money // get stitches

Luxury will poke it’s head in eventually

Physical dependacy is intimacy

Showing yourself ministry

We’re all preachers

Sometimes people are listening

Be careful what you yell

Be weary of your smell

Pride & lust can be just as overwhelming to the senses

Eventually we all will sink into the ditches

So behead your well wishes

Vomit into these wishing wells

Kiss & tell

And God damnit pass the ammunition

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