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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

I wake up with the sun on my back

an ache in my heart from this path Ive been at

I think it was when I imagined you laugh

sometimes we never get what we had

I need to see the world with my back packed

write every word like an epitaph

keep my love in a nap sack

bury it somewhere in the outback

Ive been on a stake out for mouse pads

rat traps I can use free wi-fi at

write letters to women I havent met yet

try to change the world with a few breaths

racing around tracks in a few steps

I think it was something she said once

more so the obsession it left

as for now I guess I can just grow into a mammoth

not every seed sewn is planted

sometimes the universe has its own plans

we're just specks of glitter

floating around a anyone planned it

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