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Monday, August 17, 2015

let me listen

first let me remember

let me kiss you

itll be like last november

when we laid around and pretended

that some sort of love existed

then may

and now the leaves are changing again

your somewhere in brooklyn

Im wandering around on the side of a mountain in breckenridge

I think it was tempting to forget you

but the beauty of the decent back into the city

clicked me into reality

like none of this could really ever give me memories


glistening somewhere listening in the sun

to your heart breathe as I lay on your chest

and you tell me with everything you hate about the world...everything you love

I muster up enough courage to still throw punches

hold nothing back but suffrage

I mean I have been a wise man

I have been loveless.

I ride the light rail

and thumb rides from kids I know

this time and space is good for right now

but soon itll be time to go...I just hope she feels it as much as I did when my heart went supernova

slowly dying

I realize that the beauty

is in how people hold you in their memories

not in the factual lives you constructed

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