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Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Im not even sure what to write anymore

its like I just want to yell

but that'll lead to jail more then likely

hell,I should only be so lucky

how humbling I am

though I still deal with poverty

its more so untrust of a system

I'am not systematically oppressed like my friends.

Its like Im on a binge

I mean I guess I technically am

but technicalities are fallacies

balancing acts of man

one with the most chips win

fish on the hook end.

I cant say it all without ever

putting it down in a sentence.

Thats how tense it is

the tip of the proverbial lips

some want to kiss

some want to hit...such is the give and the get

yet getting with the time

theres less all senses

there is most ceartinly an end

but its nessicary to a means...the tree of liberty must be refreshed

with the blood of tyranical men...women

these pens can only pierce ears,doldrums

we need it to beat like war drums

like its fucking 2015

I want to travel the galaxy...not debate the socicatal constructs which plauge

yet to say nothing is just as damning as having a part to play

so I will scream until my very last day

there will be nothing vauge

because implications have become far too great.

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