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Sunday, August 23, 2015

I imagine a moment

one where we're perfectly in love

somehow in the same space

just dying in each others arms.

Im just living to see you

thats how it feels some days

theres never enough valium

there is never enough pitch or release

I miss you but it seems like Im where I need to be

and your living your dream

so this divine comedy just plays on.

Im reading dante in a bathtub full of essential oils

& epsom salt

I think about you like this corpse flower blossom

impossible & within reach....a once in a lifetime thing.

Im glad youve been criss crossing the country

it makes my heart sing / reminds me I need to be doing the same

someday I'll finally learn and stop preaching

Im just reaching to be a better person...and you are the poem of a century my darling

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