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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

bound to have some scotch here

a question of etiquite as I pass

to I give the croch or the rear

anyway these planes have deers in headligts

head cases in tense high crisis moments

poems on faces of star crossed gazers

children everyone is pray shuts the fuck up even half the way

trees turn in big pushes as Im spirited away

most people plugged into the entertainment

Im just reading away...sometimes its my own

getting so frustrated I get up to use the lavatory

locked doors.

no need to be in here

just taking a breath from

a sensory overload

30,000 miles above calls for a toast

a xanax and barely any clothes

I mean who can see what your hiding under drgs

this baby carriage got stopped in line in front of me at the airport

that distracted...whomever...from the copius amounts of drugs

thank god for moments of clarity that lead to absolute deprivity

bent over like a nativity scene

lust line after line as these seem to be

maybe one day Ill enjoy every bit of life

but maybe making the best and living as you die

can be one hell of rise...if nothingnees...then nothingess is all

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