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Thursday, December 25, 2014


here it is
a long wordy dissertation on the state of elation
and how it gets this way...
a wasted Sunday morning with bashful hearts on display,
this life is a land mine waiting to detonate.
thats why the innate paper chase
and I let it flow my way.
How deserving can one soul be
of so many luxuries from across the sands
to me it seems treacherous to leave leafs unturned
& for no turn to be un-stoned
clothed,I walk naked threw this material world
the more Ive come to know
the less Ive hated & the more I've
strong words for a narcissist with no
no motifs
constantly quoted
but its all so
loaded notes over bloated hopes has her on the floor
ready to toast to a life she was never suppose
to know.
Its really quite sweet,
this bitter defeat
the agony of never having anything go your way
and have everything end up exactly as it needs to
my lease will run up
of this im sure
my cup will runneth over
this I dont plan for

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