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Thursday, December 25, 2014


doped up at the family christian outlet store

bored with the words Ive been hoping for

its like why even write when you know whats in store

"I love you blahblahblah" u knoW…MAYBE I WANT MORE

mostly from myself for once

sure you can release a book every 3 months

but whats it all worth since you had all this help

not everything is meant to be published or outsourced

like a loud burst I came forth from the netherworld with mounting chores

wordplay swordplay & the ability to string sentences like storms

like why even take a day off when your this sore

choose the single chores you wish to court

hope for the best and let the rest be guess work

don't fear…just start it

then maybe one day the motions will become cathartic

realize you are art

no matter what the canvass

hold up…I'm sorry I started to panic…

back at the Fannnnzzz sports memorabilia store

thinking how outlandish the term

"best there ever was" was

tan lines from my moment in the sun

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