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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I hold the weight of heaven between these ears
my fear is the sirens call I hear so clear
so sweet.
recklessly truthful in my own deceit...If I have come with a broken heart/
then have I come with all I need?
or have I lost the only thing worth seeing//
to leave without a prize would sting these rainy eyes
divides of blues & whites
by nightfall,often times
I find...
mumbles/fumbling/and forming threw lumber of the forest as wind whips,whines & whispers... the leaves call bluffs
I harbor trust on a storm riddled ocean
just above...just above...just above those moments..
these pensive steps are intermediate in the grand scheme of nocturnal ediquetes
bed side regrets..hands on our heads..
boasting about our roasted frontal lobes..I thought I quit this game centuries ago.
its like spangeing a hobo...devoid of logic ...prophecies unobtainable
tis an air of neglect in this puddle of love.
in retrospect it would be better if most things were left unjust
but somehow,
I haven't been moved yet
nor touched..
I fear I've manifested space,here,hung up
dry in these cosmos.
devoid of lust
I trust the end to these feelings will come soon,
until then
I bid adieu to every quivering lip raddle from the cheeks I see to it blush,
in thine prescense
your engery is a present
call it an open heart fetish

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