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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


sweating in the sweltering streets of southern industrial
pick your poison,prevent political lovehandles
veluptious breasts in her mouth
now what were we dueling over?
about and around,soundwaves bounce threw train tracks and hand me downs
at least my family are hard workers
I on the other hand..
the arts is an unforgiving realm,at least for years until your words are found
until you give it all up for the here and now
and that continues until your coffin drowns
or in my case your body burns
ashes twisting and laughing up into the lost world
the one we should forget about until our thoughts reverb
scorched feelings on the come down
hands held on the mountain
she is in my dreams every night so no conversation needs to happen
were two blue dots on oppisite sides of the shade spectrum
my old friends had erections
i can tell by the amount of children I just met
them is us for no apparent reason
i could have easily pursued her
and her
and shes in denver thinking
even now I still could,but bombs come before babies in this gloom
nuke em
crack open their spinal chords and drink the nectar

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