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Thursday, July 2, 2015

somethings are hard to put into words-

but I still write it out.

I know most people who smile brightest

have the biggest doubts...but your faith in me

is a blessing like a hand out.

Im so used to putting my foot in my mouth-

so easy to do when your from the south.

after all these bouts of depression,anxiety

and worrying about the space I house

the trust you showed me wiped away all my pouts.

I never once placed bets on myself

but now Im all in.

I feel confident,loved and appreciated...

and alot of that has to do with the clout in which you bestowed upon my head-

something I realize Ive always had now.

If I could write music for you I would.

if I could sing,I'd shout from my roof!

but as of now

I hope this poem serves as a thank you of sorts

because this would be shakey coming out of my mouth...routes are never linear...but simple acts of kindness can move mountains.

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