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Saturday, July 18, 2015

I found hope in the dark

where I learned to be alone with my thoughts

smoke clouds drowned out by the haves

the have nots.

I gave it my all

all I got was this lousy tone

a couple throw away phones

& aliases for the future...whatever it holds.

A name carries weight

which is why it can help you ghost

I found hope in a prescription bottle

that werent my own...the get and the give.

the give and the take

all this sensory intake

it makes me think about my selective truths

the why & how in the pengillum breaks.

will I ever see venus

or will I die loaded in these fur coats

every sense of the word

past tense...tents on fire...lurid to the world

I have to go now.

as for the tears...I believe they'll slow

maybe when I find myself on an island-

hopelessly alone.

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