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Monday, July 27, 2015

Im not worried about money

nor am I concerned with fame

If I die young,Ill be the one to blame

I sometimes pretend this is all a game.

I want to write on the thames

nothing to eat but cigarettes

Im ready to recede

go back to the way I used to live.

Ive found out what makes me tick

its like a pin from a grenade

joe peschi with the pen

just a couple swipes at the neck...dead

jokers in my card deck

just shootin craps

pretending to be wack in the sunlight

just outta greed to keep these facades intact.

I dont even know what I think

more alprozolam then I need

desires to be alive

whatever that means.

I can see alot of things

but I cant look inside

I cant give up because then I cant eat

& thats the diffrence I see...what do you seek?

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