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Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Dream Shake

dream shake

I'm dream baked

always thankful for my blessings

this Captain America like strenghth

not overly powerful

just witty and experienced

I think I'm delirious

too much coffee and way too many bong rips

just shooting like Rick Barry

thats more so due to the subs

basement recordings where we spit about being broke

living off of random thousands & handouts from local churches

pounds still make me blush

other work still keeps me hush

even this reference is to much

but fuck only live once...right?

maybe its a thousand times


updated for the modern times.

I hope I move on

maybe to a planet made of cannibas

where all I do is harvest,bang screw

play basketball & watch anime the whole year through.

(oh wait thats what I already do) I think hate is just fear

and I think fear is just love

but I think communication and perception

fuck everything up...& maybe I'm all over the place

maybe Im right in line here

but every time I think I find myself

a new character enters the narrative...another weakness appears..another team up draws near

If I steer clear of all storms how will I know

what and when to prove?

Winning takes desire just as much as it takes knowing how to lose

knowing how to win just takes luck and lunacy...too things that are bountiful on my crew

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