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Thursday, June 18, 2015

my mattress lays on the floor

of a room I can barely afford

nothing but art in it.

just work myself into the burn.

I havent earned anything

not even the right to bitch

cis-white male,whole world at my finger tips-

if I buy in.

fuck money

get stitches

listen to your local witches

& feel something...lift the limitations from vision

Life isnt a series of trips

or a whole and complete learning experience

it just is what it is

the give and the get...sometimes

I think of where I was when reality bit

even after all this time I was an addict

to not masking it with mirrors

I felt like Bruce Lee...Enter The Dragon...but instead,chasing it

leering even at myself...fight the urge and replace it with somthing else

like God...or trans fats

neither as beautiful as deaths grasp

the ever wandering finger tips

ready to snip any life in an instant

the whole world as peers it appears

no real fears..just questions and instinct

killer like...but not like some I know

diffrent mentalities // diffrent approach

I feel baroque

broke & alone-


all at once...will I ever find a home?

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