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Friday, May 18, 2012

10,000 miles inland

we're all fucking for no reason...
must be that time of the season.
I'm leaving...
I can't bare these thoughts of you...
that I am so in love with you
but who wouldn't be...
I pray to allah that I'll never loose you
but you can't see these truths inside of me
or read between the lines of my poetry
so I already am juiced
the lone grape of the winery...
and Ive gotten long in the tooth..
a testament to the blind lives we lead.
making decisions was never meant to be easy
it seems...
and if I speak now...we will loose a piece of us
& making new friends is never
my sweet...
I don't think I can treat you like the princess you deserve
I keep blacking out & sticking my penis in other girls
but I continue to scribble these manifestos feverishly
while your in the other room laying with another man...
im tormented by last nights jim beam
this mornings reevaluations with my clothes covered in jizz
and her laying next to me
pretty as she is...shes not the one for me...
I keep sinning in hope for repentance
but the only thing thats coming of it
is a broken heart and a want
no...a need
to be alone with this grief...
I'am not the man you wish myself to be
just a tattered vagabond with empty pockets and a desire to be free
no a dream
reemed threw these galactic portals with minimal feelings on how the "real world" sees it
and I am sea sick
10000 miles inland

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