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Friday, November 20, 2015

stuck on the thoughts of us

plush memories so robust

& I am...alone

without trust.

no funds.

no monthly installments

the only help is from people who love me

so Im enthralled in it.

this is the pain in poetry

this is the gut punch that is art

all of my heart on this silver platter

just enough memories to never give up.

its like everyone has

except a few kids Im caught up with

lost in the duldrums...another product of lust

learning how to roll with the punches

I feel like a hearld of galactus

holding the power cosmic

silver surfer of the rust

the rest is just rushed.

meet me under the bridge

we’ll share a spliff

tell each other what we’ve lost

what we’re willing to give

even if its just minutes

your spirit is a bridge

mine is a glimpse

of what came before and what lives

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