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Thursday, November 12, 2015


passed out in a passenger seat

driven around the city,asleep

wake me up at the cemetary

we'll go find a gravestone to smoke underneath

I'll meet you at the doorstep of my reality

"if you understood everything I said you'd be me"

miles from the ocean,more so from the mountains

on the foot of a river bleeding east.

I had no more lovers.

just some grams & a little weight I stayed underneath

no more scales

these eyeballs will get the better of me.

light sensitivity

lower back strains

I woke up in another bed,in another state


all this traveling is just the beginning

I fear it has no end.

home is the road

its the only place I can react

I slumber amongst theives

people out of touch with the end of their fingertips

as long as their palms stay full of nothing

constant hustling just leads to championship repeats

but we're talking about practice

and evil ways just to make ends meet

like everybodys meat

and a couple calls mean everything.



their all for me.

its all for me.

Im far from meek

but I can swallow teeth

sometimes land a 3 piece

sometimes I just stand their and say nothing.

just let the sharks swim

and let the fish eat.

one ear to the ground

the other with a 9mm shoved into your peace.

reactions mean nothing if you cant sleep

and if you can

well then godspeed

because hell is full of wine & cheese.

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