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Sunday, February 1, 2015

just a tiger in a trance

a bird on a lamp

a simple musing from my imagination

another pull from the flask

I write till I collapse

wake up and collage

do drugs & meet up for the minages

blow smoke rings like a mirage,

blissed...but Im pompus

so arrogant & witty its haunting

like flaunting my mess around

just taunting until I give these suits the run around.

dodging and plotting

& you...youre tantilizing

mesmorizing,still so enchanting

Im writing lines to mirror your optics

mine are going bad

& I really want to go to bed

but being alone isnt my only fear

youd think id get use to it after all these years...hell

I wont even sleep tonight

probably due to these pills

what use is going crazy

if your not flaunting your skills

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