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Saturday, January 24, 2015

lil emo shawty on the creep

I like to picture us making out on your moms couch

you in your matching underwear with that cute little pout

about that paper for art history due in a few hours

the same day I fly out.

cold mornings,waking up alone in the Sheffield house

the only feeling really being doubt

if I ever truly want to go back to Denver again

I feel love like this is what life is about.

& I'm just doing what feels right

you feel like a best friend

but I sit her now

wondering why...or if I was ever anyone you truly cared about

if it was just rushed...I dont know why you felt you had to hide your doubt...

I miss you

but I dont think I can cry about it...

just write lines about it

find out if I'll ever be special to someone...if someone will be proud about it...its hard not to doubt this

but I said things to you I never counted on

now I just hope I can open up again

without the fear of being lead on

I just want to be happy...I've always been a simple man

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