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Sunday, January 4, 2015


learning curve.

knocked right out of the park.

a fetish for words /

a soul full of art.

this city makes titans of men

young boys ready to knock heads

gratefully deadicated to remaining present

whether that of time,heart or relevance...I mean

the thing about being an asshole is...

I don't do things simply to become better

I'm LITERALLY trying to be the best that ever lived

but the arbitrary nature of that last sentence

gives a self observant look at to what IT is

& it is EGO...letting these reams flow

supercedeing my own hopes by never letting things go

& seeds not lost to the wind never grow...

so all these dreams would be pushed below.

"I know nothing"

one of those realizations you're on your own

"I'm alone"

you are the universe...never fear growth

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