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Monday, June 18, 2012


open ended theology is an atrocity to me
my ideology has me balling & hurling maltovs into streets
free speech,often times
comes at a price
thats why I got homeboys who were born ready to
lonely night,buzzed out,
ready to fight
ready to write...but the pavements to dry
so I look up to the heavens with a pain in my side
wondering if tonight will be the one where i LI(V)E.
but I slide
just like my power said
fed lies threw roughnecks & power grids
distortion is
in both of these heads
its like she's the one who fears,yet,its clear in my breath...
why her stretch marks are visible in my head
and why my bite marks riddle her chest.
treasure this found in moments of bliss....random bouts of intellect
spred words like wild stories
no single theory suspect....I stick to the mourning
because souls want to be like souls I guess

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