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Friday, December 11, 2015

Another night rambling

More moments scrambled together

Nice weAther // a body prepared for


I wish it was summer again

Never tethered …as if I ever have been

I wanna be a star jammer

More than just a mortal man

But god damn these years

These plans

They all just run together

And it all de materializes in my writhing grasp


This stupid son of a bitch is as it again

Nothing but movement

Ruthless with the way he misuses

However one amuses the term

Maybe I’ll see Valhalla again

Until then I’ll be awake

Dreaming of my life being taken again

All I’ve listened to lately is STp

And weiland died today

And I really feel the same way

That I did yesterday

Numb to the ever present ugliness

Like light was but a dream

And those who’ve had a taste

Are either dying inside or shining too bright
You know what I mean?

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