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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Overwhelming thought

Of a whimsical nature

No prophets,only profits for

Pay scales

I kept the change jar rumbling

As if I had something to say

Meet me in my dreams or breathe

Away the days

I think I’m falling asleep

At least I pray

It seems I’m getting more religious

In an indirect way

“Let me witness to you”

Let me see as I’ve seen through

Blue lakes I was born to lose

Maybe my next life will be beautiful

Copper pot eyes and weekends I lost faith

Moon set over the mountains and the bay

But not tonight

The country lay in waste

I feel upstaged/glorious patriotism on display

Discouraged that I could never see things in such ways

I just take people at their word

For what is the world if I can’t hear it

Sing its pain

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