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Friday, November 9, 2012


I just wanna write poetry to you until I die
is that all right? do you have some time?
to sit down and decifer each line,decide if I might
be that guy that youd come home to each night

I spy
with my little eye
a nice little wrench in the spokes
thats fucking with my mind.

consistently consenting about constrictions & depections
of nights where we drank to much & ended up deep inside of sin,
in the christan sense
giving into moral temptations & risking friendships

I'd do it all over again.

even though our families are friends,and the group at our wedding would be tight nit
I wouldnt trip on that shit
I love you just how you is.

but im also in buissness of telling people how it goes,so if you want the sunrise
youll have to travel by moonlight,too/
and when those two instances are eye to eye
you'll understand where



a rock floating aimlessly threw the universe...

atop this flaming golden chariot
which abides by neither mans restrictions

I figured I'd get some 'for instances'

just so this limbic system can get a minute.

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